Mar 14, 2014

March, 2014. Dear Diary.

Status report from programmer's side:
The development is progressing smoothly. A new class hierarchy came from the software architect's table: the Effect abstract class, which holds a central mechanism in the game, and will enable modders to implement unique special abilities and effects. We hope that the creative community will enhance the game with exciting mods, which we encourage with clear and extendable design.

Another news from audio department:
Soundtrack will be extended with more tracks to make you happy and relaxed during exploring deep space. Of course, additional action elements will be added when some nasty fight happen. Be prepared.

ps: We hope you are not tired of boring screens with code and squares. So this time we made the usual picture colorful and shiny.

Feb 6, 2014

February report

During the last month, yet another module's code has been finalized, so now the whole configuration subsystem is finished! But no time to relax yet, there's still a whole lot of work to be done, but the final game will worth the time spent waiting :)
Stay tuned.

(next time we might be able to share some screenshots as well :) )

Jan 9, 2014

Happy New Year!

The Goblin Lunatics team wish you a very happy new year!

Quick status update:
In the last month, another module has been finished. The code consists 1879 lines of code in 48 source files at the moment. We expect some more exciting news soon with screenshots and maybe more :)
Be prepared.

Dec 15, 2013

Code, code, code, update

Here's a small update on the progress.
The coding is proceeding smoothly, although with a bit of delay. A module package has just been finished, now moving on to the next. Still no shiny screenshot, we are working on the business logic, for it to be as flexible as possible (and open for modding :) ).
But as usual, you get another UML diagram from the software architect's table:

Oct 20, 2013

Code update

Brief update about code:

At the moment, the redesigned configuration subsystem is under development. The development cycle consists UML class design and unit testing too, so it progresses in a slow but sustainable pace. On the picture you can see the class diagram of a package in the configuration subsystem.

Oct 15, 2013

10minSS Soundtrack @ Bandcamp

Hi there,

We would like to share a news about the soundtrack of 10minSS while you are waiting for the next code update.
I (vincenzo) decided to upload the whole soundtrack to Bandcamp, including additional tracks from Urcsilliardos version as well. The album costs 5 USD, please consider to buy it and support us.

You can reach the soundtrack on the following url: 10minSS Soundtrack @ Bandcamp

Thank you!

Sep 4, 2013

Look! A screenshot!

We are back from holiday with some great news:

First of all, we would like to say thank you to Ricardo Benton, he sent us a Brazilian-Portugues language pack.

Currently the whole codebase is being reworked. We gone for an object oriented approach, and separated the code into packages about the logic and graphics. All code implementing game logic will be unit tested along the way. We also introduced a new, more modern game engine, which supports all major platforms: Linux, Windows, Mac OS-X, Android and iOS.

Game package diagram: